Fire-Proof Clothing Versus Fire-Resistant Clothing

Fire-resistant clothing

Fire-Proof VS Fire-Resistant Clothing: In industries where the workers are exposed to risk situations or workplace hazards, it is a requirement by law for employees to wear special kinds of protective clothing to ensure personal safety and protection. These laws and the level of protection to be observed in different professions are governed by the standards put forth by the

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Applications of Microchip Technology in Textile Materials

Microchip technology in textile

Microchip Technology in Textile Materials: The successful uptake of any technology is, of course, dependent on the cost of production. One thinks of the cost advantages achieved by the development of knitting machines in the 16th century and the technological advances of the industrial revolution. Electronic textiles or microchip technology in textile materials are today relatively expensive, but there are

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List of Wastage Area in Textile and Clothing Industry

Wastage area in textile and apparel industry

Wastage Area or Waste of Garment Industry: Wastage is an important factor in the textile and readymade garment sector. Effective cost reduction of apparel can be done by identifying the particular areas of wastage clearly and taking necessary steps to control and reduce the wastage. As its importance, this article has presented all the wastage area in the textile and

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