10 Fabric Cutting Machines with Pictures

Fabric Cutting Tools Used in Apparel Industry:

The cutting department is important in the readymade apparel industry. The cutting department is nothing without fabric cutting machines. There are so many cutting tools have used to cut the fabric in the apparel sector. Among those, some mostly used cutting tools or fabric cutting machines have been explained in this article with their features and images.

Different Types of Fabric Cutting Machines Used in Apparel Manufacturing:

Fabric cutting machines which are vastly used in the apparel manufacturing industry have pointed out in the below:

  1. Straight knife cutting m/c,
  2. Band knife cutting m/c,
  3. Round knife cutting m/c,
  4. Die-cutting m/c,
  5. Notcher cutting m/c,
  6. Drill cutting m/c,
  7. Computer-controlled knife cutting m/c,
  8. Laser beam cutting m/c,
  9. Water Jet cutting m/c,
  10. Plasma torch cutting m/c.

Features of all the above fabric cutting machines have presented in the following with their pictures:

1. Straight Knife Cutting Machine:

Features of Straight Knife Cutting M/C:

  • Here, the knife is driven by using electric power.
  • Straight edge is mostly used in the straight knife.
  • Here, blade stroke varies from 2.5 to 4.5 cm.
  • During cutting, the grinding wheel helps to sharpen the cutting knife.
  • Blade edge: straight edge, wave edge, saw edge, serrated edge
  • This type of knife can cut heavy fabric i.e. canvas and denim fabric.
Straight knife cutting machine

Fig: Straight knife cutting machine

2. Band Knife Cutting Machine:

Features of Band Knife Cutting M/C:

  • This type of knife consists of a series of three or more pulleys that are powered by an electric motor.
  • The band knife blade is normally narrower than the straight knife.
  • Here, the cutting knife is endless in shape and also flexible.
  • It is one kind of sawmill cutter.
Band knife cutting machine

Fig: Band knife cutting machine

3. Round Knife Cutting Machine:

Features of Round Knife Cutting M/C:

  • Some key elements of round knife fabric cutting machines are base plate, electric motor, circular blade, etc.
  • The band knife blade is circular.
  • Band knife blade diameter ranges from 6 to 20cm.
  • This type of blade is driven by electric power.
Round knife cutting machine

Fig: Round knife cutting machine

4. Die Cutting Machine:

Features of Die Cutting M/C:

  • Pressers and clickers are mainly two types of die cuttings are available.
  • To cut sharp and small parts it is mostly used in the apparel industry.
  • Important parts of these fabric cutting machines are blade, motor, ram head, etc.
  • Die is made by metallic strip.
Die cutting machine

Fig: Die-cutting machine

5. Notcher Cutting Machine:

Features of Notcher Cutting M/C:

  • It is a special type of cutting machine.
  • It is used in special cases.
  • The notch can be made in V-shape or U-shape.
  • It is used to cut a notch in the edge of some important components.
Notcher cutting machine

Fig: Notcher cutting machine

6.Drill Cutting Machine:

Features of Drill Cutting M/C:

  • The main components of these fabric cutting machines are motor, base plate, drill, and spirit level.
  • In a hypodermic drill, some color is sprayed along with the hole. So that it can easy to find the market place.
  • In the case of tightly woven fabric, the drill is permanent for a long to make the hole.
Drill cutting machine

Fig: Drill cutting machine

7. Computer Controlled Knife Cutting Machine:

Features of Computer Controlled Knife Cutting M/C:

  • The computer-controlled knife cutting method provides the most accurate possible cutting at high speed.
  • Here, the cutting knife is very hard and oval-shaped.
  • During cutting, the marker is not needed to put over the fabric lay.
  • A cutting blade is made of stainless steel.
  • The sharpness of the knife is also high here.
  • This type of fabric cutting machine followed the CAD (computer-aided design) system.
  • The cutting knife itself moves according to the direction of the computer program.
Computer controlled knife cutting machine

Fig: Computer-controlled knife cutting machine

8. Laser Beam Cutting Machine:

Features of Laser Beam Cutting M/C:

  • In the case of laser beam fabric cutting machines, the cutting head is controlled by a computer.
  • Here, the fabric is cut at a speed of 13m per minute.
  • In the case of this cutting process, the fabric is cut by a ray of light in a very fine spot using a laser.
  • When the ray falls on a material, it generates heat on the material, and the cutting process is done by vaporization.
  • The radius of the spot of light is 0.25 mm which is highly powerful.
Laser beam cutting machine

Fig: Laser beam cutting machine

9. Water Jet Cutting Machine:

Features of Water Jet Cutting M/C:

  • In this machine, a catcher in the bottom of fabric lays which is used with the same speed and the same direction as a water jet machine.
  • Here, the pressure of water is 60,000 pounds per square inch.
  • Here, a thin jet of water is passed through a nozzle in a very momentum.
  • Water is worked like a hard and sharp knife which helps to cut the fabric easily.
Water jet cutting machine

Fig: Water jet cutting machine

10. Plasma Torch Cutting Machine:

Features of Plasma Torch Cutting M/C:

  • By using these fabric cutting machines, one or more fabric plies can be cut.
  • Here, fabrics are cut by a thin through the nozzle which is made by argon gas.
  • To cut a single ply of fabric it is most used.
Plasma torch cutting machine

Fig: Plasma torch fabric cutting machines

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