Impact of Individual Job Descriptions on Textile and Apparel Productivity

What is the Importance of Individual Job Descriptions on Apparel and Textile Productivity?

We know that assigning a scientifically and logically set work target always motivates the workers to achieve that target. So, it is necessary to set a target or job description not only in the sewing section but also in all the departments including all the employees individually. Individuals are generally provided with a job description which elaborate comprehensive job assignments, a chronology of what he will do, how to perform the job, production quantity per unit time, special instructions, etc. To know about the job description for individual employees you may follow this article 27 Duties and responsibilities of production manager in manufacturing unit.

Individual job description in textile & apparel industry

Individual job description in textile & apparel industry

Importance of Job Description for All Employees:

Just imagine, if you do not know what you have to do in the office may result in your indulging in gossip or in idling away time. But if your work target is logically determined so that you can complete them in 8 hours, you will immediately start working after reaching into the office so that you can complete your assignment by the end of the working day. You will not have time to gossip or wasting it.

Job assignments and setting goals of work are very important for textile and apparel productivity. An employee who knows what he has to accomplish and how much and to what quality level, is certain to be largely motivated to accomplish what is required of the production manager or management.

Job description assigns a person the tasks he has to perform, the productivity & quality level he has to achieve & the workmanship he has to attain. They enable employees to engage in jobs in the right earnest. The superior authority can also be vigilant and surprise the employee’s work and can make the employee accountable for any flaw or defect.

Every employee from the operator to the top manager should be provided with a correctly designed comprehensive job description. These will orient all the employees to certain goals they have to achieve. Achievement of goals by all the employees will automatically result in the achievement of the goals of the enterprise of the manufacturing factory. Thus job instructiohasve very important bearings upon textile and clothing production.

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