Working Procedure of Embroidery Section in Garment Industry

Procedure and Working Instruction of Embroidery Section in Clothing or Garment Sector

 Embroidery Section in Apparel Industry:

The embroidery section is one of the most important sections of the apparel manufacturing industry. It is one of the special tasks which is done according to the buyer’s requirements. In the past embroidery had done by using the manual method. But now a day, it is done by applying a computerized method. In the readymade apparel sector, computerized embroidery machine helps to produce very complex design within a very short period of time.

Embroidery section in apparel industry

Embroidery section in the apparel industry

Process of Embroidery in Apparel Manufacturing Industry:

All the processes of embroidery have presented below:

  1. Embroidery is a decorative stitch that is placed on the garment to enhance its properties or advertise the brand of the garment.
  2. Some styles need the pocket, front, or sleeve to be embroidered. It is the embroidery section supervisor’s responsibility to get the correct embroidery disk or tape from the production coordinator.
  3. This tape is placed on the machine and the machine is set up to run 20 embroideries at once based on machine capacity.
  4. The supervisor will adjust the machine speed so that it is suitable for the different fabric and embroidery types.
  5. The approved standard will be hanging with the machine and follow according to style.
  6. When the embroidery operation is completed in the embroidery section then all the pieces are checked 100% through the needle detector machine and send to the cutting section.
  7. Finally cutting section will include all the parts together and deliver to the sewing line.
  8. The cutting quality inspector must check each cut received from embroidery 100% for its quality and quantity.
  9. Cutting in-charge has to follow the bundled chart and ensure the entire cut received is as per its Quantity and number sequence.
  10. Any panel is to be returned in the embroidery section for rectifying should be noted down in this report and should ensure that each panel will be returned to each bundle after correction or replacement.
  11. Q.A (Quality assurance) Manager and Cutting in-charge must ensure each bundle which is going to be issued to the sewing line will be 100% correct and acceptable with quantity too.
  12. Full responsibility delegated to the embroidery section or plant about standard quality and each panel must be check for quality point advised by the QC (Quality Controller) and its Quality Manager. QC has to submit this report to the QA Manager on daily basis.
  13. Before sewing line input, Q. I (Quality in-charge) will check each bundle which is going to be passed through the metal detector machine, also will be 100% correct and acceptable with quantity.

Embroidery QC Check:

After adjusting the machine in the embroidery section, the supervisor will check some samples to ensure that the machine is set up correctly. The embroidery operator will get the Q.C’s approval before the bulk production. The Q.C inspector will inspect the pieces in a bundle randomly. If they find one or more defects out of the pieces they inspect then the entire bundle will be rejected. If they find no defects in the bundle then the bundle will be released for the next process. Then inspection procedure is the same as the in-line Q.C system.

Responsible for QC Check:

Embroidery In-charge/Supervisor/Cutting Q.C. /Q.I.

 Purpose of Embroidery QC Check:       

To ensure that the embroidery production is going to be acceptable to proceed with metal-free cut parts to the sewing line to minimize and control garment quantity and minimize garment rejection due to embroidery mistakes.


  • The entire cut which is going to be produced will be without embroidery mistakes.
  • Minimize garments rejection due to embroidery defects.
  • This metal detection procedure will ensure product safety, legality, and quality.

-Written by
Md. Omar Faruk
Executive–QA at Envoy Complex
(Manta Apparels Ltd. Envoy Fashions Ltd & Envoy Design Ltd.)
Mobile: +88 01722603058

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