What are the Types of Garment Wash?

What Kinds of Garment Wash?

What is Garment Wash?

Garments washing or garment wash is done in denim fabrics to produce a color fading effect with or without patchiness, seam puckering, hairiness, crinkles, de-pilling, stabilized dimensions, and soft hand feel. It is one of the most popular processes which is applied in garments to enhance the garments.

For the first time, the concept of garments washing technology was developed by Jack Spencer for the brand Lee. Stonewash was first developed by Francois Giraud and the sandblasting process was developed in 1988 by several branded companies in Italy.

Garments Washing

Garments Washing

Different Types of Garments Washing:

Primary garment washing are classified into two types, these are-

  1. Dry process or Mechanical process,
  2. Wet process or chemical process.

Above two types of garment wash are discussed in the below:

1. Dry process or Mechanical process:

In this type of clothing wash, there are some processes which have done without using any chemical or without using any garment loading washing machine are called Dry process or Mechanical process. Sometimes the dry process can be done by using a mechanical method.

Various types of dry processes applied in garments washing are mentioned below:

  • Sandblasting process,
  • Hand sanding or Hand brushing process,
  • Machine sanding process,
  • Overall wrinkles process,
  • Permanent wrinkle process,
  • Grinding process,
  • Destroy process,
  • Tacking process,
  • P.P spray process,
  • Whiskering process,
  • Curing process,
  • Tearing process,
  • Hand scrapping process.

2. Wet process or Chemical process:

There are some processes in garment washing, which can be done by using chemical and garments loading washing machine is called Wet process or chemical process.

Different types of wet processes applied in garment washing are mentioned in the following:

  • Normal wash or rinse wash,
  • Silicon wash,
  • Pigment wash,
  • Caustic wash,
  • Bleach wash,
  • Enzyme wash,
  • Stone enzyme wash,
  • Acid wash,
  • Stonewash,
  • Tie wash,
  • Super whitewash,
  • Tinting,
  • Deep dyeing,
  • Over dyeing.

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