Love Them or Hate Them– Best Uniforms People Wear Around The World

Why Do People Wear Uniforms? How Many Times Have you Asked This Question?

Uniforms and business dress codes have evolved extensively, and nowadays, uniform policies are more relaxed in some environments. If most corporations have adopted the business casual dress code, some work environments still rely on strict uniforms.

Although young workers find casual looks more attractive, professional uniforms transmit a particular message and have benefits; the relaxed garment can never bring. Why do some professions impose uniforms? The reasons are many, from creating brand awareness to protecting employees and eliminating dress code dilemmas. Think about this. You are in the emergency room to seek help for your injuries, but you have no idea who the medical workers are because they’re wearing no uniform. It would cause chaos.

This article explores some of the most beautiful outfits or clothing people wear for professional purposes around the world. From entrepreneurs to flight attendants and EMT workers, they all have professional attires that tell you who they are, and what their job is.

Best uniforms people wear around the world

Fig: Best uniforms people wear around the world

British Queen’s Guards:

You don’t have to visit London to know how the British Queen’s Guards look. Everyone knows them for their bright red jackets and enormous hats. Their main job is to protect the Queen and guard her residencies, so you shouldn’t expect one of them to engage in conversation if you come across one. They’ll probably stay still in front of a building and don’t mind if you’re taking pictures.

Their uniform is unique worldwide, and this makes them one of the main attractions of London. Everyone who has visited London has taken at least one picture of a guard because they look both funny and remarkable with their huge hats. Their uniforms are something to remember your entire life because their red coat is made from high-quality fabric that preserves its properties and draws attention no matter the time of the year. The combination of the bright red jacket and the oversized, black, fuzzy hat is stunning.

Flight Attendant Outfits:

We cannot name a single company that provides its employees with exquisite attire because there are many that excel at this. Let’s start with Hainan Airlines that is in the game for a while, and their latest uniforms wow both fashion enthusiasts and travelers. They unveiled the uniforms at Paris Fashion Week in 2017, and they look like elegant clothes Asians would wear at their 9 to 5 jobs. The attire features traditional Chinese patterns and shining silk wave motifs that complement the flight attendants’ figures. In warm tones of grey, blue, and white, they look lovely and offer a sense of professionalism when they step into the airplane.

The Air Emirates is another example of glamour when it comes to flight attendant uniforms because their garments are some of the most comfortable and chic in the entire industry. The veiled hat and skirt-suit is an iconic look the airline has preserved since 1997. Most of the time, the flight attendants take their hats off when they’re in the air, but you can see them wearing them at the airport and for public appearances.

Etihad Airways is another example of a perfect uniform. While the male flight attendants look like a modern version of James Bond, female stewards wear high-waisted pencil skirts, gloves, fancy shirts, and purple or black hats. Ettore Bilotta, an Italian designer with a preference for luxurious fabrics, designed the uniforms for Etihad. If you look at the flight attendants’ skirts, you’ll notice polka dots peeking out when they walk.

Healthcare Uniforms:

Healthcare uniforms offer people a sense of trust at first sight. While most medical workers would dress professionally for their job, people wouldn’t trust them if they wouldn’t sport proper attire. But patients’ trust isn’t the only reason why people wear medical uniforms; they also do it for necessity. For example, EMT professionals need to move freely when they assist patients because seconds decide people’s faith. If you want like the uniform your local healthcare experts wear, look on Google for the EMT school near me and enroll in classes to become one. Joining a class helps you acquire EMT knowledge and teaches you the importance of professional gear. Medical experts need an attire that makes them feel comfortable in intense moments and for long shifts. Also, the uniform differentiates them because EMT professionals wear technical gear while doctors wear white coats and nurses scrubs.

Each healthcare facility has its own suit, but most of the time, doctors wear white coats and nurses colored scrubs. During surgeries and other medical treatments, both doctors and nurses wear medical scrubs because it’s easier to perform operations, fit on all body parts, promote good hygiene, and protect both the worker and the patient.

Police Officers and Firefighters:

Each country has a distinct uniform for police, and they have to wear the gear while on duty. Uniforms often vary according to the position of the worker so that you can distinguish a lieutenant from a traffic cop. But they are designed with the only purpose to protect the police work and to instill a sense of trustworthiness and security in the public.

Some policemen indeed wear casual clothes, but often they handle operations that require them to work undercover, and a uniform wouldn’t allow them.

For firefighters, uniforms are more than professional gear. They will enable them to go through the fire. Their clothes have protective and safety mechanisms that guard them against fire, flames, and smoke. Often firefighter gear is quite heavy and they need extensive training to be able to wear it during long shifts.

When working in an industry that requires you to wear a uniform, you do it with pride because it makes you feel like you belong to something bigger. You are part of a team that works together to make the world a better place. When you put on the suit you get a boost in morale, loyalty, and productivity.

If you have always hated to wear the same clothes someone else sports, the above professions aren’t for you.

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