An Overview of Stone Wash Applied on Garments

An Overview of Stone Wash Applied on Garments

What is Stone Wash?

Stone Wash presents “Used effect” or “Vintage effect” on the garments. Traditionally stone wash is done by using pumice stone to achieve desirable look. Here, Pumice stone is one of the most important components used to abrade the surface of the garments fabric. This is due to the varying degree of abrasion in the garments. Stone washing makes the garments more supple so that it fits more comfortably. At the current fashionable era, stone washing is most common than other garments wash. This article has presented some key advantages and disadvantages of stone washing.

Stone washed female sleeveless denim vest

Stone washed female sleeveless denim vest

In stone washing process, the fibers on the surface of the fabric are broken and removed, where the inner white fibers of the warp yarn are gradually exposed. Here, natural patterns can be formed as the degree of abrasions varies in various parts of the garments.

Advantages of Stone Wash:

Various advantages of stone washing are mentioned in the following:

  1. Garments are achieved the vintage or Old look effect after stone washing.
  2. Desired shade is easily achieved by applying stone washing.
  3. Stone washing makes the garments more fashionable.
  4. Less time needed to achieve desired shade than enzyme wash.

Limitations of Stone Washing:

Though stone washing has a lot of advantages but it carries some limitations, those are mentioned in the below:

  1. Stone washing may cause back staining and re-deposition.
  2. Stones can cause wear and tear effect on the garments.
  3. Stones can damage the washing machine due to its higher abrasion.
  4. Increase the labor cost to remove stone dusts from the finished garments.
  5. Extra time needed to complete the whole process due to removing stone from the garments.
  6. Metal buttons and rivets of the garments can abraded due to use of stone and may reduce the quality of garments.
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