Uses of Pumice Stone in Garment Washing

Uses of Pumice Stone in Garment Washing

What is Pumice Stone?

The pumice stones having oval and round shape with a rough surface, which is worked as an abradant in washing cycle. Pumice stone is a natural volcanic stone which is used for stone wash of garments. It is crystallized with substantive pores. During washing, these stones scrap off dye particles from the surface of the yarn of the fabric which shows a faded, worn out and brilliance effect on the garments. Pumice stones are mostly used for stone wash due to its chemical treatment, strength and light weight.

pumice stone in garment wash

Pumice stones in garment wash

Selection of Pumice Stone:

Some points should be followed during selecting pumice stones, those are-

  1. Pumice stones should be selected according to the end product and required amount of effect needed on the garments.
  2. Large and hard stones are suitable for heavy weight garments.
  3. Smaller and soft stones are suitable for light weight garments.
  4. Ratio of stone weight and garments weight is – [{(0.5 to 3)/1} kg].
  5. Moisture content of pumice stones should be less than 5%.
  6. Surface properties of pumice stones should be less than 5%.
  7. Abrasion loss of pumice stones should be 35%.
  8. Apparent density of pumice stones should be 0.5-0.75gm/cm3.

Advantages of Pumice Stone:

There are some advantages of pumice stones, those are mentioned in the below:

  1. Desired vintage effect on garments can be easily achieved by using pumice stones.
  2. Washed garments can achieve more soft effect by using pumice stones.

Disadvantages of Pumice Stone:

Pumice stones have some disadvantages on garments, those are-

  1. Can be damaged washing machine due to stone and machine abrasion.
  2. Garments can be damaged due to stone and machine abrasion.

Alternative Way of Pumice Stones:

Synthetic stones have been introduced as an alternative way of pumice stones. This is produced from abrasive material such as silicate, plastic, rubber or Portland cement.

Advantages of Synthetic Stone:

Synthetic stones have some advantages over pumice stones; those are mentioned in the following:

  1. In stone wash, it produces fewer damages of garments than pumice stones.
  2. It produces less damage of machine than pumice stones.
  3. It is more durable than pumice stones.
  4. The major problem produced by using pumice stones have been overcome by using this type of stones.
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