Types of Denim Fabric Used in Garments Manufacturing

Types of Denim Fabric Used in Garments Manufacturing

What is Denim Fabric?

Denim is a twill weave woven and 100% cotton fabric which is consists of different colors of warp and weft yarn. In denim fabric, one color is predominant on the fabric surface. Denim is a common raw material for garments manufacturing. Usually denim fabrics are produced by using cotton though sometimes hemp denim is also available. Denim fabrics are normally used for making jeans, work clothes as well as casings for organic futons and pillows.


Denim Fabric Manufacturing Method:

Denim fabrics are rugged cotton twill textile, where the weft passes under two or more warp fibers, producing the familiar diagonal ribbing identifiable on the reverse of the fabrics.

Properties of Denim Fabric:

Denim fabrics follow some properties; those are mentioned in the following:

  1. Denim fabrics crease easily.
  2. It is very strong and durable.
  3. It is feeling hard during wearing.
  4. It is used for long time wearing.
  5. It resists tears and snags.

Types of Denim Fabric:

There are mainly eight types of denim fabrics, those ares-

  1. Colored denim,
  2. Bubble gum denim,
  3. Denim from fox fiber,
  4. Crushed denim,
  5. Vintage denim,
  6. Ecru denim,
  7. Marble denim,
  8. Reverse denim.

All the above denim fabric’s types are discussed in the below:

1. Colored denim:
Colored denim fabrics are woven, manufacturing with dyed yarn either warp or weft. This kind of fabric can be obtained by piece dyeing process.

2. Bubble gum denim:
Bubble gum denim fabric is lycra containing denim, that has between 35 to 50% lycra or stretch.

3. Denim from fox fiber:
These kind of denim fabrics are manufactured by colored cotton fiber that grows naturally developed and patented by California cotton breeder sally fox.

4. Crushed denim:
In Crushed denim fabrics, textured effect achieved through a special fabric construction coupled with wet processing, where the effect can also be improved by using stone and bleach. This kind of denim fabrics are woven with an over twist weft yarn.

5. Vintage denim:
For achieving old and worn outlook, a denim treatment that applies heavy stone wash or a cellulose enzyme wash with bleach or without bleach is called vintage denim.

6. Ecru denim:
Ecru denim fabrics are those, which is not having any dyed yarn, contains only grey yarn in warp and weft.

7. Marble denim:
Marble denim has another name is acid wash. If the fabrics are strongly bleached then it is called marble denim.

8. Reverse denim:
Reverse denim fabrics are those, where the face side and reverse side look alike.


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