Basic Concepts of Garments Washing

Basic Concepts of Garments Washing

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Garments Washing:

It’s seen that, with the change of time, human choice and demands also changes. To meet the customers demand, garments design and fashion also changes very quickly. As a result garments manufacturers are adapting new technology and processes to make the garments more fashionable. Garments washing is one of those technology that manufacturer are applied at the current times to modify the outlook, appearance, comfort ability and fashion of the garments. Normally garments washing are done after stitching the garments. Types of wash applied on garments are instructed by the buyer.

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Garments Washing

Garments Washing

Objects of Garments Washing:

The main objects of garments washing are mentioned in the following:

  1. To create vintage effect and worn-out look on the garments.
  2. To modify the outlook of garments.
  3. To introduce unique appearance in the garments.
  4. To remove starch or sizing materials from the garments.
  5. To develop softness in the garments.
  6. To create a new fashion.
  7. To remove dirty thing from the garments.
  8. To introduce fading effect.
  9. To satisfy the customer.

Advantage of Garments Washing:

Various types of advantages of garments washing are given in the below:

  1. Garments softening feeling can be increased by using garment washing.
  2. Starch materials present in sewn garments can be removed by garment washing.
  3. Dirt and spots present in the garments can be removed by applying garment washing.
  4. No possibility of further shrinkage after applying garment washing.
  5. Wash garments can be wear after purchasing from the store.
  6. Different outlook can be produced by applying garments washing.
  7. Similar outlook can be produced by applying different garment washing technique.

Limitations of Garments Washing:

There are some limitations of garment washing, those are-

  1. Change of garments size.
  2. Color is partly removed.


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