What Do Buyers Require from Apparel Industries?

Buyer Requirements from Clothing Industries:

If you want to promote your apparel business in Europe and another popular market throughout the world, then you must have to maintain some key requirements of buyers regarding the safety and quality of products. If you do not maintain this, your apparel business will face a huge threat in near future and you gradually lost your fame in the foreign apparel market.  As its importance, this article has presented all the major buyer requirements which they want from apparel industries.

Apparel buyer in buying house

Apparel buyer in buying a house

Requirements of Buyer from Apparel Manufacturing Industries:

Western apparel buyers purchase goods from foreign companies including those from Bangladesh to satisfy their customers and by doing so to earn a huge amount of profit. With the phasing out of the MFA and liberalization of trade, buyers are placing stringent requirements. Buyer requirements in the apparel and fashion trade may be enumerated in the following way:

  1. Higher quality of products,
  2. Competitive price of fashion or apparel goods,
  3. Delivery of goods on designated dates or schedules,
  4. Small order & variety of apparel styles,
  5. Labeling,
  6. Safety of products,
  7. Using hazard-free chemical in the products such as free of azo dyes,
  8. Quick response from the apparel manufacturer,
  9. Short lead time in apparel manufacturing,
  10. Social compliance.

Differential Factors of Buyer Requirements from One Buyer to Another:

Buyer requirements differ from one buyer to another buyer. The reason behind this is the difference in their culture, level of business, and targeted customers i.e. low class, middle class, and high class. The other reason is the targeted apparel category i.e. men’s wear, kids wear, women’s wear, etc.

Some key factors differ from buyer to buyer have pointed out in the below:

  1. Apparel quality,
  2. Apparel costing or cost,
  3. Shipment time,
  4. Size of apparel export order,
  5. Short quantities,
  6. Approvals,
  7. Mode or method of shipment,
  8. International commercial and shipping terms,
  9. Code of conduct.

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