Difference between Label and Motif

label and motif

Difference between Label and Motif: Label and motif are two important trimmings which are used in garments manufacturing. Label is a must needed trimmings in garments and to make garments fashionable motif has a great importance. Though label and motif both are trimmings but there’s some basic difference by which we can easily identify of those. What is Label in

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Different Types of Label Used in Garments

Different Garments Label

Different Types of Label Used in Garments: Label is an important part of a garment. A label is more than just a piece of fabric, which directly communicates with the customer. It’s something like that drawing the full attention of the customer. Also describes what the product quality actually is in. On the basis of label, customer decides whether he/

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What are the Difference between Trimmings and Accessories?

trimmings and accessories

Comparison between Accessories and Trimmings Trimmings and Accessories Used in Apparel Industry: In garments manufacturing, fabrics is not the only material to make a garments. Several equipments are used here for both decorative and functional purposes. Where some are called trimmings and others are called accessories. But there’s so many who don’t know actually what is the difference between trimming

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