Factors of Embroidery Costing

Factors of Embroidery Costing:

Embroidery costing is an important matter in garments merchandising. Different key factors are directly affected by embroidery costing. Every garments merchandiser should know about it perfectly. Otherwise, total garments costing will be increased, which will turn into a massive loss in the garments business profit.

Embroidery costing

Embroidery used in Garments

Key Factors of Embroidery Costing:

Various key factors that are directly affected by embroidery costing are mentioned in the following:

  1. Quantity of stitch,
  2. Nature of embroidery,
  3. The time needed to complete a lot,
  4. The shade of thread,
  5. Lay of embroidery,

All the above key factors have discussed below:

1. Quantity of stitch:

It’s a very important key point that has a great impact on embroidery costing. Every garments merchandiser should know about it perfectly, otherwise, embroidery takes more cost and ultimately garments cost will be increased.

2. Nature of embroidery:

It’s another important key point that should be considered during embroidery costing. There are different types of embroidery. Each embroidery type needed a different amount of cost i.e cross stitch embroidery cost is not the same as crewel embroidery cost.

3. Time needed to complete a lot:

Time plays an important role in embroidery cost. Different embroidery types take different amounts of time to complete, which directly affected the embroidery cost. So garments merchandiser should follow it carefully.

4. Shade of thread:

Embroidery is produced by using the various shade of thread. The cost of each thread shade is not similar. So if we use higher pricing thread shade, ultimately embroidery cost will be increased there and vice versa. So, during embroidery costings, garments merchandiser should follow it also.

5. Lay of embroidery:

Before confirmation of embroidery cost, garments merchandiser have to confirm about the lay of embroidery, which will help him to make the perfect cost of embroidery. Otherwise, it’s turned into the highest amount of embroidery costings.

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