Skill Requirement for a Garment Merchandiser

Skill Requirement for a Garment Merchandiser:

We all know that every profession has some essential criteria which enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of that particular profession. Garments merchandising is not different from that concept. So, to be a skilled or professional garments merchandiser, any person must fulfill some criteria discussed in this article.

Apparel Merchandiser

Knowledge and Skill Requirement for an Apparel Merchandiser:

The following points are too much important to be skilled garments merchandiser.

  1. He should be a smart person with fluent speaking, reading, and writing ability in the English language.
  2. He should be a technically sound person having a clear conception about all the textile terms such as textile fiber, yarn, fabric, printing, dyeing, finishing, garments manufacturing, garments washing, garments dyeing, textile testing, textile product, and raw materials inspection and quality control.
  3. He should have sound knowledge about procurement or collection of a garment export order.
  4. He should have the ability to plan and execution of timing and scheduling.
  5. Should have the ability to make a good relationship with the buyers, suppliers, commercial, and garments production department.
  6. He should have a clear concept about all the garments shipping terms.
  7. He should have sound knowledge about banking and commercial matters.
  8. He should have a strong sourcing network of raw materials.
  9. He should have a clear concept about fabric consumption, raw materials consumption, and garments costing calculation.
  10. He should be self-motivated.
  11. He should be a hard worker.
  12. He must have the ability to maintain commitment.

Speech from the writer:
If you read this article attentively then you can easily answer the following questions in the interview:

  1. Mention the key points to be a smart garments merchandiser.
  2. Which types of criteria needed to be a smart garment merchandiser?
  3. Discuss the most important points to be an apparel merchandiser.
  4. Briefly mention the different points to be a skilled clothing merchandiser.


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