How to Calculate Sewing Time By Using Machine RPM?

How to Calculate Sewing Time By Using Machine RPM?

Sewing time calculation is an important matter in the readymade garments sector. It’s not a tough task that we have normally seemed. As its importance in garments manufacturing, today I will present here an easy method for calculating sewing time by using machine RPM (Revolution per minute).

Method of Sewing Time Calculation by Using Machine RPM:

Before calculating garments sewing times by using machine RPM (Revolution per minute), an industrial engineer should confirm the below points:

  1. Stitch per inch (SPI) of the garments,
  2. Seam length in an inch of the garments,
  3. Sewing machine RPM (Revolution per minute).

Now by using the below formula, an industrial engineer can easily calculate the required garments sewing times from machine RPM (revolution per minute).

Machine cycle time or sewing times (in second),

Now, I will present here an example to clear all the confusion from the above discussions.


Suppose, for a lock stitch sewing machine, machine RPM is 1500. How much time needed to sew a 40” superimposed seam, where stitch per inch (SPI) is 10?



Sewing machine RPM= 1500,
Seam length in inch= 40”,
Stitch per inch (SPI) = 10.


Machine cycle times or sewing times (in second),

= 16sec.

So, machine cycle times or sewing times is 16sec.

Note: During 16sec sewing time, no machine stopping occurred and this time is calculated by ignoring all the other factors.

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