Job Agreement Policy: A Curse for Textile Engineers

Job Agreement Policy: A Curse for Textile Engineers

The ready-made garments sector of Bangladesh earns too much reputation from foreign buyers due to its strong ability to provide higher quality products with lower prices than other garments manufacturing countries. As a result, this sector is growing day by day. But this sector is now facing a lack of skilled engineers to provide strong support for fulfilling the buyer’s demand. According to an online English news portal named “Textile Tribune” has published a joined research report recently, where they mentioned that the RMG sector faces a lacking of 1 lakh 11 thousand engineers right now and it will raise 1 lakh 89 thousand in 2020-2021 economic years. Though it’s a positive sign for the upcoming textile engineers, the main problem for them is the “Job Agreement Policy”.

What is Job agreement policy?

A job agreement policy is an agreement that is done between the company and employee by mentioning salary, job title, date of payments, and number of years that the persons must provide services in the company. This agreement period range is 2-5years, which can vary from company to company. Some company fixed for 2yeras, some are at 3yeras, and the rest of those are for 5years. Still, many reputed companies don’t apply the job agreement policy for the freshers.

Job agreement policy from the companies point of view:

Before preparing this article, I have discussed the job agreement policy with a few admin GM from several reputed companies. They all are presented with two reasons. Where one is related to another one. The first reason mentioned by them is that “Maximum fresh textile engineers” tend to join in a job, gain something from there, left the company and again join in another company”. This tendency is too harmful to every company.

The second reason is that, when a fresh textile engineer is recruited for the job, he is zero. whatever he has achieved from the academic books, those all are basic, not practical ones. As a result, the engineers must have trained up in its right way for 3-6months. During the training period, the company can’t get any service from the fresh textile engineers, though he has received full support from the company. As a result, they have applied this policy so that, the company can properly utilize those fresh textile engineers in the companies right position for the next 3-5years.

Job agreement policy from the textile engineers point of view:

I heard one sentence above thousand times from the different non-technical persons is that “Without experience, you are zero in textile sector whatever you are a universities topper textile graduate or a universities lower graded textile graduate.”

I also heard another sentence from the persons related to the textile and garments manufacturing sector is “Change the company, increase the amount of salary”. Also seen so many proofs from the previous sentence and finally I believed that the sentence is 99% correct.

It’s also so correct for the fresh textile engineers is that there are too tough to gain a bright job with a bright salary in a reputed company at the initial stage of job life, where the person is just zero. In this situation, they are obliged to decide on joining a company with a very lower amount of salary. After that when they will gain enough experience from there, will shift to another company with a bright position and salary. From here, gradually the person can achieve his desired target within a few years.

But if the above fresher have to face job agreement policy, then he/she can’t move easily from there. Ultimately his/her desired expectation can’t be fulfilled within a very short period of time as he/she has achieved during out of job agreement policy.

Now I want to share two life histories related to the job agreement policy.
Our clothing merchandising manager and his friend completed graduation from the same university. After that, his friend got a huge opportunity in a reputed company with a 15000 salary and 5years job agreement, where 5000 will be added for yearly increment.

In that time, my boss joined a company with a very lower salary (10000Tk) and without any extra opportunity as his friend, but the main thing is that the job was agreement free.

Within 4years my boss is now a manager and earns about 65000Tk and his friend now a chief executive but the salary is still under 40000Tk.

So, from the above discussion, I think it’s clear that the job agreement policy is very harmful to the upcoming textile engineers.


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