What are the Difference between Trimmings and Accessories?

trimmings and accessories

Comparison between Accessories and Trimmings Trimmings and Accessories Used in Apparel Industry: In garments manufacturing, fabrics are not the only material to make garments. Several types of equipment are used here for both decorative and functional purposes. Where some are called trimmings and others are called accessories. But there’s so many who don’t know actually what is the difference between

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Different Types of Trimmings and Accessories in Apparel Industry

Trimmings and Accessories

Various Types of Trimmings and Accessories in the Garment Industry Trimmings and Accessories in Apparel Industry: Apparel manufacturing is the only goal of other textile manufacturing processes. To make garments and shipping them up-to-the buyer, trimmings, and accessories have great importance in garments manufacturing. There are different types of trimmings and accessories which are used in garments manufacturing are mentioned

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