Types of Different Fabrics for Different Style of Clothing

Linen fabric is a material made from plant fibers, is a material that is often used both as clothing and for complementary home decorations such as sheets, tablecloths, and curtains. In plain view, linen material has a texture that is visible from the interlocking fiber segments. This linen fabric feels cool against the skin and absorbs heat, but this material can warm the body in cold weather.

linen fabric cloth

Fig: Linen fabric cloth

Clothing that uses linen material looks crisper, with flexible contours, and has a unique luxurious effect. In supporting sustainable fashion, the use of natural fibrous materials is the main focus. Yes, of course, because the fiber will quickly decompose when this fabric is at its disposal, it does not cause synthetic waste that damages the environment. Most of these materials are used in resort-themed clothing collections because linen with 100% natural fibers is very comfortable in tropical climates, especially when on vacation to the beach area. But who says clothes with linen material are only suitable for casual time? Some fashion styles, which use linen material, are still elegant and look formal at certain moments.


White Shirt And Shorts
This combination is perfect for hot weather. A white shirt is an outfit that fits perfectly in all situations and serves as a semi-investment to look stylish. Choose a shirt made of high-quality French linen with a certain weight. This material will make the shirt not easily wrinkled even when folded. We can also combine linen shirts with various details, ranging from mandarin collars, chest pocket features, or shirts with short sleeves.

Combination Of Chinos And Linens
Many people think that the combination of a shirt and chinos just makes for a dull look. This combination does not apply to white shirts. Even though it looks ordinary, a white shirt can create a striking look. We can also pair a white oxford shirt with olive-waisted linen pants to create a modern look. The simple form of a white shirt can balance the texture of the pants. Try pairing a white shirt with striped pants or bolder details.

Linen Shirt And Fitted Pants
White linen shirts are a must-have for men for a bright and comfortable look. However, linen is designed for a relaxed feel. So, wear it with an open-neck button and neatly rolled-up sleeves. The hem must also be longer than the waist of the pants. And, wear it without using a belt. For a maximum cool look, combine a white shirt with pants made of light fabric. For footwear, choose leather loafers, espadrilles, or sandals. You can also select short-length pants made of cotton.


Linen Summer Dress
A must-have for those who like the summer mood, choose a linen dress that is light and comfortable to wear all day. Unlike other more seasonal materials, linen dresses can be worn repeatedly, including to the beach, vacation to Bali, Pattaya, Caribbean, etc.

Linen Top
During summer, provide T-shirts, shirts, outers, etc., in various styles. Whatever the type, linen is perfect when combined with cardigans, jeans, skirts, and more. If you opt for a boxy-style linen top, there’s no need to tuck in as for blouses or long linen shirts, style with a bit of a relaxed, slouchy style.

Full linen
If you can use only 1 item made of linen repeatedly, maybe a complete linen outfit can be a friend while on vacation. You can choose a resort-style that can make activities at home still feel chill and stylish. So that you can use it repeatedly, choose a neutral color that is easy to combine.

Linen Pants
Pants made of linen are very suitable for use during formal and non-formal activities. This material is soft and falls effortlessly, so it’s perfect for those who don’t like tight clothes. But there are also linen pants that are designed to look polished. To look slim fit, you can also try a jumpsuit model!

Linen Material Characteristics
Linen material is made from natural plant fibers. The hemp plant has a soft and shiny surface. Throughout human civilization, this cloth was the first to be produced from plants, namely processed hemp fiber. Linen fiber is the first fabric fiber used as a primary material for making cloth.

  • Linen material is one type of fabric that is high quality with a smooth and neat surface texture.
  • The fabric’s color is natural and slightly pale, with a dominant white color is the hallmark of this linen fabric.
  • This type of fabric will make the wearer feel cool when used in hot temperature areas, and vice versa will warm when in cold temperature areas.



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