Various Method of Bleaching Wash with Advantages and Disadvantages

Various Method of Bleaching Wash with Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Bleaching Wash?

Bleaching wash is the process that is done by using a strong oxidative bleaching agent. The bleaching agent can be sodium hypochlorite or potassium per manganate (KMnO4). By applying bleach wash special types of fading effect can be produced, which is one of the important reasons for choosing bleached garments by the buyers. During bleaching wash, a method should be maintained, which has been discussed in this article.

Bleach washed jeans

Bleach washed jeans

Method of Bleaching Wash:

Bleach Wash can be done in the following ways:
In the case of denim bleaching, stone can be used, which is totally depends on the shade. Here, a strong oxidative bleaching agent such as sodium hypochlorite or potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is used.

  • By applying a bleaching chemical, discoloration is usually more apparent, which is depends on the strength of the bleach liquor quantity. The action can depend on the temperature and treatment time.
  • In this process, sometimes a yellowing effect can be produced which can be minimized by proper washing of the bleaching agent. Here, rinsing two times is enough for removing the bleaching agent from the garments.
  • Finally, the neutralization process is neededneutralizetral the bleaching agent. In this case, sodium meta bi-sulfite or sodium hypo is used to neutral bleaching agent from the garments.

Advantage of Bleaching Wash:

Different types of advantages of Bleach wash have mentioned in the following:

  1. Can produce a special effect on clothing.
  2. Enhance the beauty of garments.
  3. Can attract the buyers easily.
  4. Huge demand for the young generation.

Limitation of Bleaching Wash:

Various limitations of Bleach wash have mentioned below:

  1. A yellowing effect can be produced.
  2. Too much harmful to human health.
  3. Can produce shade variation.
  4. This process is difficult to control.
  5. Needed antichlor treatment.
  6. Causes corrosion
  7. It is one of the sources of environmental pollution.

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