A Few Words About Embroidery Technologies

Embroidery can be considered a form of art. Each embroidery is unique due to the technique used to create it and of course due to the technology used. It is the first way people were able to customize their clothing from the comfort of their homes, but we can do so today with the help of technology.

Sewing Embroidery Technology

Fig: Sewing Embroidery Technology

According to Printful, we can use different apps to create custom embroidery. Apps allow us to modify our designs and see what the final product will look like. With an app, we can have the ideal result from the first try. Let’s take a look at a couple of embroidery technologies.

Machine Technology:

Since embroidery began, various technologies have been used to help in its creation, from simple machines to complex computers. Nowadays, machines can make hundreds of embroideries a day. Automation has an impact on big companies that sell embroideries because machines can do the stitches following patterns created by people.

The embroideries created using machines are produced quickly and uniformly. The embroidery will not be unique because a machine can stitch the same pattern repeatedly, so many people can have the same pattern. However, for more uniqueness, we will need to buy handmade embroideries or customize them ourselves with the help of apps and other software provided by printing websites.

Just as machines play an essential role in factories, computers and different apps play an important role for individuals with a passion for embroideries. With the help of varying design apps, we can create patterns. Patterns make the stitches easier and lead to fewer errors, especially for beginners.

You do not need to be tech-savvy to use printing apps, so all people can enjoy customizing embroidery. Unlike the professional app, these simplified ones offer fewer options but have many templates. Those templates can be adjusted to create a wide variety of designs.

The Lamination Process:

Another embroidery technique used for decades is lamination technology. It is a process of adding adhesive foils to the fabric. This process protects the embroidery from external harm like scratches, dust, and other elements that may affect it. This technique can’t be used by ordinary people because specialized equipment is needed to laminate at around 200 degrees Celsius.

Tailored Wire Placement:

This is another technology only used in factories but very useful for embroidery. This technology makes the embroidery more durable but still flexible and easy to wear. Wires are stitched on the material’s surface, so the embroidery will attach more strongly.

Smart Embroideries:

A new technology that has been gaining popularity is the smart textile. This technology is mainly used in the medical field and for athletes but could soon become a fashion trend.

With the help of wire strands and other electrical conductors, the embroidery can collect and transmit data. Athletes can quickly gather data on their performance, endurance, and other statistics.


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