Textile Printing | Definition, Styles and Methods of Printing

Textile Printing | Types of Textile Printing Methods

Fabric Printing:

The process of making patterns or designs on the fabric surface by using some kinds of dyes or pigments which causes localized dyeing is called textile printing. A printed fabric may be produced by a very wide variety of methods. Some are simple and cheap to carry out. Others require the use of very complex and expensive equipment. This article has shown various methods of fabric printing, also it described some important requirements of good quality print.

Fabric printing method

Fig: Fabric printing method

Common Methods of Fabric Printing:

The common methods of fabrics printing are-

  1. Block print,
  2. Batik print,
  3. Screenprint,
  4. Roller print,
  5. Transfer print,
  6. Jet print.

Requirements of Good Quality Print:

Whatever the method used for printing textile fabrics, it is essential to prepare the dye in such a manner so that the following requirements are fulfilled to produce good prints.

  1. A suitable print paste is made up which contains all the dyeing assistants necessary for good dye take-up and fixation on the fabric. The print paste also contains a thickening agent, which may be a natural gum or starch product.
  2. The thickened print paste must be of the right viscosity so that it does not spread from the area to which it is applied and it must then be dried on the fabric.
  3. The printed fabric must then be given a treatment that allows the printing paste to act as a localized dye bath. So that the dye is transferred from the paste to the fabric without spreading into surrounding areas of fabric. This is normally achieved by steaming the fabric so that the hot and wet conditions allow dyeing to take place.
  4. The fabric then must be washed to remove the unfixed dye, thickening agents, dyeing assistants, etc. without causing staining of unprinted areas.

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