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Garment Measurement:

Accurate garment measurement is one of the most important points for the right fitting of the apparel. The person who takes the necessary measurements has to take extra precautions and also know some key parameters of garments measurement. Those points have been significantly presented in this article.

Garment measurement process

Fig: Garment measurement process

Key Points of Garment Measurement:

There are some important key points which are pointed out below:

  1. The working area should be neat and clean.
  2. The measuring table should attune with the full length and width of apparel.
  3. The presence of a technical person would be better for the accuracy of garments measurement.
  4. Here, apparel should be laid fully flat and tension free before garment measurement.
  5. All types of creases (without crinkle type fabric) and wrinkles should be removed from the garments.
  6. Before garments measurement, a good quality measurement tape should be ensured. Here, the rounded metal end of the measurement tape is used for taking horizontal measurements and the long metal end is used for taking vertical measurements.
  7. An expert person is needed to take the necessary measurements of apparel.
  8. The person who gives the measurement should stand straight.
  9. During garments measurement, a well-fitted garment should be worn by the person who gives the measurement.
  10. During measuring the body parts, basic lines of the body have needed to take consideration.
  11. While taking girth measurements, a tape or cord have to keep parallel to the ground like waist, hip, etc.
  12. It should be noted here that, the accuracy of various measurements are totally depending on the accurate waistline location. Also, add these measurements in the suggested amount of ease.
  13. The amount of ease needed varies according to the types of fabric used. Also, it noted here, that, more ease has needed in the case of woven fabrics than knit fabric.
  14. To take the more systematic measurement, a garments measurement sequence or flow chart should be followed.

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