Benefits of Custom Branded Bags in Your Marketing Campaign

When we visit conventions, the attention grabber is usually the booth giving out tote bags full of promotional products. Even so, these custom bags are not just for the convention floor. Custom branded bags are an attractive, reusable product for branding your business and should feature in your promotional operations.

In this article, you will learn the origin, different uses, and impact of featuring custom printed bags in marketing and branding campaigns.

Origin of Promotional Tote Bags:

The advertising industry evolved in 1886. Jasper Meek was responsible for this evolution when he produced the first customized tote bag in Ohio, for Cantwell’s Shoes. This move sparked the whole promotional commodity, and the idea initially was to draw more customers to the shoe line.

Custom Branded Bags in Marketing Campaign

Fig: Custom Branded Bags

Uses for Custom Printed Branded Bags:

When it comes to custom tote bags, only a little creativity is required to convert regular totes into a branding phenomenon. Analyze the following innovative uses for your customized tote bags:

1. Guerrilla Marketing:

This marketing approach utilizes affordable and unconventional marketing approaches intended to grab attention and yield results. For some of the best quality bags, visit Rocketbags, and get your piece with the lowest price guarantee. The best advice would be to fill your bag with coupons, flyers, and other swag, get a portable public address system and find an audience.

You immediately mention the word “FREE,” and people will find their way to you. If your abrupt exhibition is impressive enough, you may motivate the audience to film and share it on social media.

2. Direct Mail:

Rather than the basic flyer, why not feature a branded tote with the direct mail item? Active and smart promotional items included in a direct mail campaign have the potential to significantly boost response percentages.

3. Donation:

Find a reputable charity or school in your community and fund their clothing and food requirements with your bags. When your totes are given out, your brand distributes them, and any media coverage is an added advantage. Also, you can try to fill a bag or two with presents to auction off in a charity drive.

The information passed on through the bags is customizable to meet the requirements of whichever company is giving them out. Your goal is to add value and be creative, so the tote attracts attention and is also used.

4. Promotional Product Statistics:

Various standards determine the worth of a promotional item. According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the main three reasons people take promotional items are when they are fun, functional, and trendy. If you are flourishing with your bags, keep in mind that repeat brand exposure occurs as only 19% of recipients abandon promotional items after a year. 18% of them also keep the products for more than a decade.


Custom branded bags are a potent marketing item for brand recognition. Regardless of the size of your business, high-quality branded bags can be crafted to fit your exact message. The end goal of marketing with these bags is public exposure. The users of your product are technically walking advertisements that create awareness of your company and brand.

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