Different Types of CAD Software for Apparel Manufacturing Industry

CAM and CAD Software for Apparel Industry:

In the textile and apparel industry, computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) plays a significant role to achieve higher output from the available company resources. There are different types of CAM and CAD software used in the textile and apparel manufacturing sector. This article has presented the most used 2D and 3D clothing design software with the name of its developers.

CAD software list in apparel industry

CAD software list in the apparel industry

List of 2D Clothing Design Software Used in Apparel Sector:

Available 2D CAD software for the clothing industry listed in the following:

  1. GRAFIS from Software Dr. K. Fridrich (Developed by Germany),
  2. Audaces Apparel Pattern from Audaces (Developed by Brazil),
  3. COAT from COAT-EDV System (Developed by Germany),
  4. PAD Pattern design from PAD System Technologies Inc. (Developed by Canada),
  5. TUKACAD from Tukatech (Developed by USA),
  6. CAD Assyst from Assyst (Developed by Germany),
  7. Fashion CAD from CAD-CAM Solutions (Developed by Australia),
  8. Modaris from Lectra (Developed by France),
  9. Accumark from Gerber Technology (Developed by the USA).

List of 3D Clothing Design Software Used in Apparel Sector:

Available 3D CAD software for the clothing manufacturing industry is listed below:

  1. Modaris 3D Fit from Lectra,
  2. Virtual fashion from Reyes Infografica,
  3. Vidya from Assyst-Bullmer,
  4. Accumark Vstitcher from Gerber,
  5. 3D Runway from Optitex,
  6. Haute Couture 3D from PAD System,
  7. Design concept from Lectra,
  8. Vstitcher from Browzwear,
  9. it Simulator from Tukatech.

Classification of 3D CAD System Used in Apparel Industry:

  1. Combined Techniques,
  2. 3D modeling and 2D pattern unwrapping,
  3. Digital draping,
  4. 3D simulation of 2D patterns,
  5. 2D sketch-based 3D simulation,
  6. Reactive 2D/3D design technique.

Uses of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in Different Sector:

Computer-aided design software or CAD software is vastly used in some major sectors of today’s technological areas; those are pointed in the following:

  1. Fashion design sector,
  2. Apparel sector,
  3. AEC i.e. Architecture Engineering and Construction sector,
  4. ECAD i.e. Electronic and electrical sector,
  5. MCAD i.e. Mechanical sector:
    • Aerospace,
    • Automotive,
    • Machinery,
    • Consumer Goods,
  • Ship Building.

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