Principle of Chain Stitch Formation Technique

Chain stitch formation technique

Principle of Chain Stitch Formation Technique: Chain stitches are the most used stitches in garments. There are so many who still don’t know the stitch formation technique of chain stitch. As a person from the readymade garments industry, everybody should know about it. As its importance, this article has shown an easy explanation for the principle of chain stitches formation

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How to Ensure Sewability of Sewing Thread in RMG Industry

Sewing thread

Sewability of Sewing Thread in Apparel Industry: In the readymade garments industry, the capability of sewing a thread is called the sewability of that sewing thread. Fig: Sewing thread The below properties or characteristics have to inspect to determine the sewability of thread: Imperfections, Finish, Color, Package density, Winding, Yardage. All the above sew-ability properties have discussed below: 1. Imperfections:

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