Factors of Seam Abrasion Resistance

Study on seam abrasion resistance

Seam Abrasion Resistance: It is easy to determine the resistance to abrasion of a sewing thread but the abrasion resistance of that sewing thread does not behave similarly when stitches into a seam. The reason behind it is that some factors e.g. stitch type, seam type, sewing conditions, fabric types, thread types, etc. alter the sewing thread abrasion behavior. To

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Seam Strength: Woven and Knit Fabrics

Seam on knit and woven fabric

A Study on Seam Strength: Woven and Knit or Knitted Fabrics There are so many variables in the readymade garments industry such as 88 standardized types of stitches, 284 types of seams, 28 types of sewing needles with 14 types of different needle tips, and other variants.  Sewing thread also varies in textile materials, inherent construction, and sizes i.e. ticket

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