27 Duties of a Sewing Machine Operator in Apparel Sector

Sewing machine operator works in apparel industry

Sewer Duties and Responsibilities in the Clothing Industry: The sewing operators accomplish the real job of apparel manufacturing. All the other people do the auxiliary works. Operators must know what they must perform and what level of performance; skill and workmanship are required from them. So, a job description in writing must be provided to the sewing machine operator. If

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Factors of Seam Abrasion Resistance

Study on seam abrasion resistance

Seam Abrasion Resistance: It is easy to determine the resistance to abrasion of a sewing thread but the abrasion resistance of that sewing thread does not behave similarly when stitches into a seam. The reason behind it is that some factors e.g. stitch type, seam type, sewing conditions, fabric types, thread types, etc. alter the sewing thread abrasion behavior. To

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