How to Ensure Sewability of Sewing Thread in RMG Industry

Sewability of Sewing Thread in Apparel Industry:

In the readymade garments industry, the capability of sewing a thread is called the sewability of that sewing thread.

Sewing thread

Fig: Sewing thread

The below properties or characteristics have to inspect to determine the sewability of thread:

  1. Imperfections,
  2. Finish,
  3. Color,
  4. Package density,
  5. Winding,
  6. Yardage.

All the above sew-ability properties have discussed below:

1. Imperfections:

The thread contains a knot or slub which causes more breakage. As a result, there is less efficiency and production of the sewing machine. Also, it reduces the quality of the finished products.

2. Finish:

Thread finish means the use of lubricant to the sewing threads which easily passes the threads between through the needle eye and machine guide. The amount of lubricant in the thread may be 3-15%. The percentage of lubricant in every sewing thread of a lot must be the same; otherwise, it causes so many problems during sewing the garments.

3. Color:

Any color of sewing threads must be the same as the sample and could not be different in color between the sewing threads of the same lot. Otherwise, it causes problems on sewing quality,

4. Package density:

The density of thread from one package to another package must be the same as possible. Otherwise, it causes fewer garments production and less efficiency of the machine due to maintaining proper tension again and again.

5. Winding:

The winding of the thread must be accurate. Otherwise, there is a massive probability of sewing threads drawn-off from the package of threads during sewing the garments. As a result, there is less efficiency and production of the sewing machine and also reduces the quality of the finished products.

6. Yardage:

The length of sewing threads in a package must present in 2% of the required length of thread. Otherwise, it may be rejected.

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