How to Make Garment Inspection List in RMG Industry

How to Make Garment Inspection List in RMG Industry?

Each garments should be inspected by following some key parameters in readymade garments industry. Otherwise different faults may take place in the garments which influences to reject the garments by the buyer. As its importance, this article has shown a shirt inspection (garment inspection) list which has followed in garments manufacturing industry.

Shirt inspection in apparel industry

Fig: Shirt or garment inspection in apparel industry

Shirt Inspection List Followed in Apparel Industry:

SL No.
Inspect for
Both with the same length (±1/4) inch,
Matching of check and stripe with the both side,
Proper sewing,
Broken stitch,
Collar in the flat position and so on  inspection should be done.
Inspection for the measurements of different parts of shirt presented to the size label of shirt must be
Button and button hole
Accurate sewing and making with the same distance,
Seam puckering,
Broken or defected button,
Pattern matching (±1/8) inch and so on inspection should be done.
Upper part of pocket in horizontal position,
Seam puckering or appearance,
Defects of sewing,
The two corners (upper) of pocket secured by back stitch pattern matching (±1/8) inch and so on inspection should be done.
Proper appearance of stitch or seam puckering,
Edge without stitching skipped stitch,
Proper sewing from the edge of fabrics (1/16) inch and so on inspection should be done.
Yoke and shoulder
Sewing and placing of dirt with the proper distance,
Appearance of stitch or seam puckering,
Skipped stitch and so on inspection should be done.
Side seams
Proper matching with stripe/ check or pattern sleeve,
Appearance of seam,
Defected stitch,
Raw edges and so on inspection should be done.
Stripe with sleeve,
Check or pattern matching (±1/8) inch,
Defected stitch & sewing and so on inspection should be done.
Finished appearance
Thread drawn-off from the edges,
Oil spot or any dirt, shade variation, defected fabric and so on must be inspected.

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