Process Flow Chart of Crystal Wash

Crystal Washed Garment

Process Flow Chart of Crystal Wash What is Crystal Wash? Crystal wash is a newly developed technology in the laundering industry. In the crystal washing method, bioceramics are used as the power which cleans the garments effectively as laundry detergent chemicals. Crystal washed garment is better for skin and environment friendly. Process Sequence of Crystal Wash: P.P spray ↓ Garments

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Requirements of Garments Washing

Garments Washing

Requirements of Garments Washing: With the change of time, human choice and demands also change. As a result garment buyers are searching for new garments design and fashion to fulfill the customers’ demand. In that point of view, garment manufacturers are adopting new technology and processes to fulfill the requirement of garment buyers. Garments washing is one of those processes

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