Pre-production Activities of a Garment Merchandiser

Pre-production Activities of a Garment Merchandiser:

A garment merchandiser plays an important role in garments manufacturing business. He is the main for executing any garment export order. A garment merchandiser has to follow-up garments export order from its order receiving to shipment. As its importance in ready-made garments sector, today I will present here the pre-production activities of garment merchandiser.

Pre-production Activities of a Garment Merchandiser

Pre-production Meeting of Garment Merchandiser

Pre-production Activities of Apparel Merchandiser:

Before going to the production, some important activities should be done by garment merchandiser, which are mentioned in the below:

  1. Tech pack received from the buyer,
  2. Product development,
  3. Product approval from the buyer,
  4. Pricing,
  5. Order confirmation,
  6. Fabric and accessories consumption,
  7. Fabric and accessories booking,
  8. Fabric and accessories in-housed,
  9. Going to the production.

All the above processes have discussed in the following:

1. Tech pack received from the buyer:
At the very first stage of a garment export order, buyer sends the tech pack to the apparel merchandiser to develop the sample.

2. Product development:
According to tech pack, garment merchandiser develops the sample. Normally product development sample quantity is 2-3pcs, where 1pc for buyer, 1 pc for agent and another 1pc for apparel merchandiser as a counter.

3. Product approval from the buyer:
When product development sample is completed then it’s sent to the buyer for approval. If product development is perfect then approved by the buyer, but if there’s needed any rectify then it’s sent again to the garment merchandiser. After maintaining buyer’s instructions product development sample again sent to the buyer for approval.

4. Pricing:
It is the main stage of any garment export order. Business profit is totally depends on it. After negotiating with buyer, garment merchandiser fixed a perfect price for the order here.

5. Order confirmation:
Finally order is confirmed here. In this stage, buyer confirms the quantity, shipping date and others terms related with apparel export order.

6. Fabric and accessories consumption:
In this stage, apparel merchandiser has to calculate fabrics and accessories consumption according to buyer’s provided measurement chart and order quantity.

7. Fabric and accessories booking:
According to fabric and accessories consumption, garment merchandiser should prepare a fabric and accessories booking chart to purchase the required items.

8. Fabric and accessories in-housed:
In this stage, required amount of fabrics and accessories are in-housed depending on the fabric and accessories booking chart.

9. Going to the production:
When all the above processes are completed then export order will set for the production.

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