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Writing essays or papers on a daily occasion may sound tiring, even for the ones who finished school or university a long time ago. It is still a controversial question whether writing tasks are that horrible or not. From our past experience, we can say that if you do not have enough skills and time to develop them, you may not succeed in writing.

This is the main reason why students would like to find at least some help. So today, we are going to review a great essay writing service that can help them in easing such challenges. Let’s talk about EssayNow and discover what are the main points of cooperation with this website.

The Orientation Towards Writing Solutions

The website has its price calculator, a lot of positive comments, portfolios of writers, and a developed FAQ section that has answers to all questions.

But our main goal for today is to see what writing services it has and how we can implement them in studying. So let’s discover what students can find here.

Editing and proofreading

This feature caught our attention immediately. Our main goal was to find out what are the main advantages of it and whether it is truly helpful. We found a pretty old essay we had and decided to check it.

  • First, we sent it to the writer and asked them to point out the mistakes there.
  • We received a paper where we could see that all grammar mistakes were fixed immediately. In some cases, when it was necessary, we saw comments on why words, phrases or a style were incorrect.
  • We paid attention to a section with comments. It was important because the editor showed all nuances and pieces of advice on how to improve our paper. It included formatting and style.
  • The writer mentioned that the sources in our paper are good but offered us some other ways to enhance the base of our essay.

We were nothing but happy with this service. It was truly great. After trying editing, we decided to try writing services.


Writing an essay would have been an easy task for a writer. But we wanted to test professionals here with only complex tasks. And research paper is such a task.

  • First, we made up a topic. We decided to go on with the cinema subject and asked to write something about the development of cinematography critics. Without providing a topic, we wanted to give slightly more freedom.
  • After we received the paper, we were amused with its overall structure and logic. It was amazing, and the writer kept in mind that we ordered a Bachelor level for it.
  • The sources used were great. The writer also included some French sources, which were just incredible for our review of the topic.

We saw that the paper did not require editing at all. And we decided to go to the most complex level.


Dissertations are challenging for any student. But that was the final stage of our cooperation with the website, and we wanted to make it remarkable. So we chose dissertations.

  • In the beginning, we took an unpublished dissertation and excluded the introduction and conclusion from it. We did not want to make writers create a full thesis.
  • We sent our cut paper to the writer and asked them to complete it, so it will have a proper appearance. Before that, we created an order for the introduction and conclusion, and the work began.
  • After completing everything, we received the parts we ordered. The main advantage of it is that the writer did not only read our work fully to support it with needed parts but followed the style of our paper.

All in all, we saw that this site is not only about saving time but also a great way to see how to write like a professional. No matter if you order a paper from scratch or editing feature, you will see how proper paper has to look.

The Conclusion About EssayNow

The conclusion about this paper writing website is simple. This is an astonishingly great website that is focused on helping any student with writing tasks. We like that it takes the idea of essay writing and puts it on the next level. It shows that assistance with studying can be performed in different ways and that sharing writing experience can be much more beneficial. So if you are looking for a platform to ease your studying, then this website will be a great solution for you.

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