Benefits and Difficulties of Work Study in Apparel Industry

Importance of Work Study in Improving Apparel Productivity:

Most of the Bangladeshi garments manufacturing industries are not really productive which is compensated by off the clock work. Some garment factories work more than 14 hours per day to achieve production & shipment target. This situation cannot continue for long as foreign buyers have become very sensitive to violation of local laws & their code of conduct .So Bangladesh apparel industries have no other choice but to improve productivity in a substantial way. That is why; work study has great importance to increase productivity in readymade garments industry.

Work Study Benefits and Difficulties

Fig: Work study benefits and difficulties in RMG sector

What is Work Study in Garments Industry?

It is a scientific method which ensures measurement of work content of a job & takes recourse to better method of doing it & thus realizes the best utilization of human, machinery & other resources of an organization. In a nutshell, this is a science of setting up standard time of a job (work measurement) & discovering the best and the easiest way of performing that job. Thus the job of work study is to investigate how a work is being done, whether there is any defect in doing it & to improve the method of working of the job so that garments productivity improves per unit time, per unit worker or per unit machine.

Benefits of Work Study in Apparel Industry:

  1. It improves apparel productivity at a cheap cost;
  2. It is a systematic & comprehensive method of analyzing a problem so that no factor is overlooked in evaluating the problem and finding out a solution;
  3. It can be easily & quickly implemented;
  4. It provokes benefit as soon as it is applied and continues till it is in use.
  5. It can reduce hazard by developing safer mode of work.
  6. It is the most accurate method of setting standard time of performance upon which effective planning & production control relies upon;
  7. Production quota can be determined for daily or hourly workers;
  8. Production capacity of a mill or machine may be determined;
  9. Balanced number of machine & worker may be determined.

Difficulties in Implementing Work Study in RMG Sector:

Work study always involves itself in through investigation of all processes and factors that impair productivity by close supervision. It often bare open the shortcomings of a person or a certain department.

For example, it may point out that a number of operators have been sitting idle due to the shortage of material or , say, due to the non-availability of a folder urgently required by an operation or that approved sample or swatch card Was not supplied in time or that a pattern was defective. Thus Work study often points its finger to people in the organization, which, in turn, prompts animosity towards this department. So personnel working in this department should be very tactful in doing their job and handling people.

Resolve of the Top Management in Implementing Work Study:

But it is the resolve of the top management of the organization and its unflinching support that can help implement work study in an enterprise. Because, with the introduction of work study, working method will undergo a lot of changes, which, many old-fashioned executives may not like to accept as they are used to doing things they have always been doing.

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