Elements and Methods of Work Study in Apparel Industry

Work Study in Garment Industry:

Bangladesh earned a dizzying success in garment manufacturing & exporting of apparel in the world. In some categories of products, Bangladesh secured top position in terms of export in volume & value. Though our Economy & society has a large number of shortcomings, still Bangladesh earned a coveted place in the export of garments because of the following reasons:

  • Protection of US market by preferential quota umbrella.
  • Protection of European market by GSP facilities.
  • Hard labor of female workers.
  • Off the clock work by female workers to achieve shipment target.
  • Hard labor of entrepreneurs, etc.

But with the globalization of trade & phasing out of MEA in 2005, Bangladesh may find itself in a helpless situation as it will be exposed to stiff competition from India, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc. where infrastructures are better, raw materials are right at hand, qualified & trained manpower are in abundance. Besides, Bangladesh suffers from image crisis. However this omen did not come true. With some restrictions on China, Bangladesh is still capable to compete well in the global market. Besides, India is fully ready for heavily influencing world apparel market. In this circumstance, Bangladesh can produce quality products by applying proper work study method in apparel industry.

Work Study in Apparel Industry

Fig: Work Study in Apparel Industry

Components of Work Study:

Work study comprises two closely related methods, one is method study and another one is work measurement.

1. Method Study:

Method study is the systematic recording & critical analysis of ways of doing a job so as to make improvements. It analyzes how a work is being done currently to find out ways to improve so that apparel productivity increases. Method study discovers suitable and easier method of work so that the task can be completed quickly.

2. Work Measurement:

Work measurement is the technique designed to set up time required by a qualified worker to accomplish a task at a defined rate of working. This technique is used to determine standard time.

Methods of Work Study:

Work-study method comprises eight steps, which are given below:

  1. Select: Select the job to be investigated.
  2. Record: Record data by collecting or by direct observation.
  3. Examine: Examine data critically. Challenge the following: What is the purpose of action, where is the place of performing it, the sequence in which the job is done, the person doing the job, etc.
  4. Develop: Develop the easiest and the most economic methods.
  5. Evaluate: Evaluate the results of alternative ways of doing the job.
  6. Define: Define new method & time and present them to the concerned people.
  7. Install: Install new method and train persons to apply them.
  8. Maintain: Maintain new standard practice and set control procedures.

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