Interlining Selection before Garment Dyeing

Interlining selection before garment dyeing

Interlining Selection before Garment Dyeing: In the case of garments dyeing, garments to be dyed after garment manufacturing. As a result, interlining should be selected very carefully for the garments. Because, during garment dyeing, the performance of interlining used in the apparel may be destroyed due to the effect of chemicals and temperature used in the dye bath. To avoid

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Precautions Should Take Before Garment Dyeing


Precautions Should Take Before Garment Dyeing: Garments are made from cotton grey fabrics which are dyed in garments form in the garments dyeing machine. Before garments dyeing, some precautions are needed to avoid dyeing problems that may occur during garment dyeing. Precautions to be taken before Garments Dyeing Precautions Before Garments Dyeing: All the precautions which are significantly followed before

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