Factors Should Consider to Avoid the Defects of Zipper

What is the Zipper?

The zipper is an important element of apparel. It is used not only in woven garments but also in knit and sweater garments. It is a fastening device operating using two parallel rows of metal or plastic teeth on either side of closure that is interlocked by a sliding tab. The teeth are carried in two zip fastener tapes that run the length of the zipper and which are normally stitched into garments and other textile products.

Zipper used in garments

Zipper used in garments

Whitcomb L. Judson was an American inventor from Chicago, who was the first to inventor of the workable zipper. The same method is still used today which is based on interlocking teeth. In first it was called the “hookless fastener”, after that, it was redesigned to become more reliable. Some factors should consider avoiding the defects of zippers in the garments. Those points have mentioned in this article.

Factors Should Consider to Avoid the Faults of Chain Or Zipper:

To avoid the defects of chain or zipper the following are the matters must be concerned:

  1. The length of the chain and width of tape must be ensured before attached it with the garments to avoid problems due to the shortage of dimension.
  2. The upper and lower stop edges of the chain must be sewn securely in the garments to gain a proper appearance.
  3. The tape and color of the chain must be uniform.
  4. The garments should be free from pucker after joining the chain with the apparel.
  5. The shape or dimension and color of the chain should not be changed due to ironing and dry cleaning.
  6. The slider must be run easily through the chain and also must not be loosed.
  7. It is also being inspected that the slider can be locked to the chain.
  8. The chain must be attached to the apparel according to the direction of the slider.

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