Pressing Or Ironing: Important Finishing Process for Apparel

What is Pressing?

Pressing or ironing is the most important finishing process in the readymade garments sector which is done by subjecting a cloth to heat and pressure with or without steam to remove unwanted creases and to impart a flat appearance to the garments. Pressing or ironing is also done to introduce creases in the apparel. In the garments manufacturing industries, pressing is termed as ironing.

Pressing: Important Finishing Process

Pressing: Important Finishing Process

Objects of Pressing or Ironing:

Pressing or ironing has different types of objects which are mentioned below:

  1. Removal of unwanted creases and crinkles,
  2. Shaping,
  3. To apply creases where necessary,
  4. Under pressing,
  5. Final pressing.

All the above points have explained in the following:

1. Removal of unwanted creases and crinkles:

Various types of unwanted creases and crinkles arise during manufacturing the garments. These may be formed due to the washing of garments. Pressing or ironing is done here to remove those unwanted crinkles and creases from the garments.

2. Shaping:

In the apparel dart and seam are used for proper shaping to the wearer. Pressing is done here to increase the beauty and attractiveness of the created shape by using dart and seam. In some cases, it needs to shrink or stretch of garments parts for shaping.

3. To apply creases where necessary:

In the garments manufacturing industry, pressing or ironing is done for applying a creasing effect in the apparel to increase the beauty. Also pressing or ironing is done before sewing the garments to increase the beauty and proper sewing.

4. Under pressing:

Before sewing the garments, some parts needed minimum pressing to sewing easily and beautifully which is called under pressing. In the readymade garments industry, under pressing is done for making coats, jackets, and trousers.

5. Final pressing:

After making the garments, pressing is done finally before folding which is called final pressing. Pressing or ironing is done here to increase the beauty of garments and to impart a flat appearance to the clothing.

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    Most sewers learn early on that there s a difference between ironing and pressing and that when sewing, one should press. There s a great deal that sewers can find to read about pressing techniques, but the concept is not difficult to understand. Ironing a laundered linen tablecloth to take out the wrinkles and make it look smooth is a different process than pressing a garment or project as it s being constructed.

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