Bill of Material (BOM) in Apparel Industry

Bill of Material (BOM) | Bill of Materials Information | Bill of Materials Format

What is BOM?

BOM stands for a bill of material. It is actually a list of raw materials that are needed to be sourced for making the garments. It should be prepared and sourced the materials before starting the garments production. Before preparing the bill of material, the garment merchandiser should be aware of the shipping date of the garment.

In the readymade apparel industry, BOM is normally prepared by a factory merchandiser or production merchandiser. After that, it is approved by the responsible person from the factory owner and handed over to the purchasing department to purchase and in-house the required raw materials in a timely.

BOM Information:

Bill of material contains the below information’s:

  1. Details description of raw materials,
  2. Consumption of raw materials per each garment,
  3. The person name, who is responsible for sourcing,
  4. Supplier name,
  5. The projected cost per each item,
  6. Product quality,
  7. Product specification,
  8. Product color name or color code,
  9. Raw material price,
  10. Sourcing date,
  11. Cuttable Width,
  12. The total cost of raw material,
  13. Product code (It is often called a style no. for fabric or input),
  14. Size (buttons) or length (zippers).

BOM Preparation Method in Garment Industry:

After confirmation of a garment export order, the production merchandiser or factory merchandiser receives the detailed information of the product (product quantity, color, size, style, etc.) from the buying merchandiser. Then he prepares the bill of the material sheet by maintaining a specific format which is normally followed in the ready-made garment sector. Here, one thing should be noted that the production merchandiser or factory merchandiser should provide the bill of materials to the purchasing department to source raw materials according to the style of garments. Otherwise, they may mix-up all.

Boll of Materials or BOM Format Followed in Apparel Industry:

All the production merchandisers follow the below bill of materials format in the apparel sector.

Bill of materials or BOM format followed in apparel industry

Bill of materials or BOM format followed in the apparel industry

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