Difference Between Greige Fabric and RFD Fabric

Difference Between Greige Fabric and RFD Fabric:

Greige fabric and RFD fabric are the common two terms that are vastly used in the textile industry. Both fabrics are not the same. There is some basic difference. But it’s a matter of great sorrow that, there are so many textile engineers who still don’t know the correct difference between greige fabrics and RFD fabric. Some basic differences between those that have been mentioned in this article.


What is Greige Fabric?

Greige fabrics are produced in a knitting or woven factory. In the latter, it should be processed for color garments manufacturing, printing, garment dyeing, etc. Normally It’s color is grey or off-white and the fabric cost is lower than ready for dyeing (RFD) fabric.


What is RFD fabric?

RFD means ready for dyeing. RFD fabric comes after passing various processes such as scouring, bleaching, equalizing, etc. RFD fabric is used for manufacturing colored garments, printing and fabric dyeing, etc. The cost of RFD fabric is higher than greige.

RFD Fabric

RFD Fabric

Compare Between RFD Fabric and Greige Fabric:

SL No.
Difference Matters
Greige Fabrics
RFD Fabric
The fabrics which come from knitting or weaving directly and no extra process applied there is termed as greige fabrics.
RFD fabrics come from the greige fabrics which are passed through a lot of processes such as scouring, bleaching, equalizing, etc. is termed as RFD fabrics.
Comes from
Directly comes from a weaving or knitting factory.
Comes through a lot of processes such as scouring, bleaching, equalizing processes, etc.
The color of greige fabrics is grey or off white.
The color of the RFD fabric is white.
Prepared for
Though greige fabrics are the main root of any fabric. Each greige fabrics has to ready for
preparing RFD (ready for dyeing) fabric.
RFD fabrics are prepared for white color garments manufacturing, garment dyeing, printing, etc.
Costing matters
The cost of the greige is lower than RFD fabrics.
The cost of RFD fabrics is higher than greige fabrics.
The main object of greige fabrics is to prepare RFD fabrics.
RFD fabric is used for garment-dyeing, white color garments manufacturing, printing, etc.


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