Causes of Sample Section Dilemma and Its Impacts in the Apparel Industry

Reasons for Sample Section Dilemma and Its Impacts in the Garment Industry

Sample Section:

The sample section is the first section in the readymade garments industry. Here, the first duty is to make the correct sample according to the buyer’s recommendation. During making the sample, many problems arisen which create problems in all processes of that garment export order. This article has shown some problems which produce in the sample section of garment manufacturing factory with their causes and those impacts in the apparel industry.

Sample section in Apparel Industry

Sample section in Apparel Industry

Causes of Sample Department Dilemma and its Impact in the Garments Industry:

SL No.
Weak file management
Wrong information to the washing, printing, embroidery section regarding wash, print, and embroidery standards.
Late or failure of
sample submission deadline.
Dissatisfaction of buyer
A mistake in apparel panel measurement.
Rejection of sample
Dissatisfaction of buyer
Failure in understanding the priority of which sample to be completed first.
Failure of sample
Dissatisfaction of buyer
Delay follow-up of the samples from washing, printing, and embroidery section.
Failure of timely sample submission
Dissatisfaction of buyer
Weak inventory
Making mistakes by mixing-up fabric (color, yarn count, pattern number), trimmings, and accessories like button (color, size, shape), sewing thread (color, ticket number, etc.) of one sample with another one.
failure of sample
submission deadline or  rejection of sample
Dissatisfaction of buyer
Wrong tagging or missing counter sample
Re-process of the total procedure of sample approval
The workload of the sample section
Dirty sample section
Health hazards to workers by taking of dust particles causing respiratory problems.
Failure of sample
submission deadline due to the worker’s illness.
Dissatisfaction of buyer
Workers’ injury happened due to a slippery floor by un-removal of oil drops after machine maintenance.
De-motivated worker
Panic at work or slow working
Garment piece or cut panels suddenly falls on the dirty floor containing oil droplets or other dirt particles.
Timely sample
submission failure
Dissatisfaction of buyer
Machine accidents due to excessive friction
De-motivated worker
Pile-up of unfinished work
Less skilled and inexperienced personnel
Technical problems such as mismatching of the cut panel, stripes, mismatched check, poor seam assembly, etc.
Sample submission or Delay in the quality sample submission
Dissatisfaction of buyer
Limitation in the supervisory skill of sample manager.
Delay in the quality sample submission
The workload of the sample department

-Written by

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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