Fabric Testing | Objects of Fabric Testing

Fabric Testing in the Textile Industry:

To confirm the actual quality of any fabric, fabric testing has great importance. Types of tests required for the fabric are confirmed by the buyer. It may vary from one buyer to another.  As its importance, this article has shown a detailed discussion on fabric testing.

Fabric testing lab

Fig: Fabric testing lab

What is Fabric Testing?

Normally garment is produced from fabric. The fabric can be woven or knitted or knit fabric, solid color dyed, printed, check, or stripe that is finished fabric. Before making garments from those fabrics especially for large quantities. It should be kept in mind that the garment may be rejected by the buyer due to some quality problem of the fabric although the fabric may be brand new. To avoid such kinds of problems, fabrics have to test to identify their actual quality before making the garments and it is called fabrics testing.

Objects of Fabrics Testing:

The reasons for carrying out tests on fabrics are numerous and some common ones are pointed out below:

  1. To check that the fabric conforms to fabric specification.
  2. To note the effect of changes in structural details.
  3. To note the effect of physical and chemical treatment, exposure to weather or laundering or washing, etc.
  4. To obtain some identification of probable performance in use.
  5. To investigate the causes of failure and customers complain.
  6. To help in designing a fabric for a specific purpose.
  7. To study the interaction of fiber, yarn, and fabric properties.

List of Some Common Fabric Tests:

There are different types of fabric tests have done by using different fabric testing machines before cutting the fabric to confirm the right quality of the fabric. Among those, some common fabric tests have presented in the following:

  1. Strength of the fabric,
  2. Abrasion resistance,
  3. Stiffness test,
  4. Drape test,
  5. Crease recovery test,
  6. Pilling test,
  7. Colorfastness test,
  8. Shrinkage test,
  9. Special property test etc.


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