Top 25 Interview Questions and Answers for Garment Job

Important Interview Question and Answer for Garment Job (Part – 01)

Interview Questions and Answers:

An interview is a common scenario for any kind of job. Every applicant has to face it. It can be very easy or tough which totally depends on the instant situation of the viva board. During the interview, you may face your known topics or not, but you should be confident there. This article has presented some important interview questions and answers which may help you in your interview.


Interview Question and Answer for Garment Job

Interview Questions and Answers for Apparel Job:

Some important interview questions have presented below with their answers:

1. What is Garment? 

A garment is a piece of clothing.

2. What is a sample in garments?

The garment which is needed for bulk production or which is used through the process sequence is called a sample.

3. What is the counter sample in garments?

The sample which is followed by the approved sample is called the counter sample.

4. What is the approved sample?

According to all the required specifications, the sample which is approved by the buyer is called the approved sample.

5. What is the pattern?

It is a hard paper which is made by following all the specifications and individual components.

6. What is a production pattern?

It is a pattern of a particular style with net dimension and allowance.

7. What is the working pattern?

It is a pattern of a particular style with the net dimension.

Production pattern = working pattern + allowance

8. What is a marker?

Marker is a thin paper that contains all the components of all sizes of a particular style of garments.

9. What is lining?

A generic term for fabrics that are used to cover the inner surfaces of products, especially the inner face employs different materials from the outer surface.

10. What is interlining?

It is one kind of accessories that is used between two layers of fabric in garments to support, reinforce, and control areas of garments and to retain actual shape. It may be applied to base fabric by sewing and bonding.

11. What is lay?

It is a stack of fabric lengths made in preparation for cutting.

12. What is the ligne number?

It is the measuring unit of the button. It indicated the diameter of the button. If the diameter increases, the ligne number also increases.

13. What is L/C?

L/C means the letter of credit. It is a commitment by an opening bank on behalf of the importer in favor of the exporter that the bills were drawn by them on the importer countries covering the shipment of specified items and quality of goods within the stated period. It will be paid in exchange for documents under certain items and conditions.

14. What is an invoice?

After sending the garments goods to the importer country, the documents mentioning the price is sent to the buyer for collecting is called invoice.

15. What is quota?

It is an agreement between governments of the importer country and the exporter country. In detail, it is the quantities of garments of different categories upon the manufacturing countries according to the business policy.

16. What is FOB?

FOB means free on board. If the price of the goods is mentioned in the invoice without transport cost then it is called FOB.

17. What is C&F?

C&F means cost and freight. If the price of the goods is mentioned in the invoice including transport cost then it is called C&F.

18. What is CIF?

CIF means cost, insurance, and freight. If the price of the goods is mentioned in the invoice including transport cost and insurance cost then it is called CIF.

19. What is a category?

A category is a number that indicated what type of fabric is used for making the particular garment and it also indicated the type of this garment.

20. What is the face of fabric?

The surface of the fabric is intended to be seen because it presents s better appearance than the other side due to its characteristics i.e. weaves, luster, finish, etc. in many fabrics, especially industrial fabrics, face and back are identical.

21. What is faced cloth?

A term sometimes applied to the fabrics that have a separate set of warp or filling yarns on the back of the cloth i.e. pile fabric, flannel fabric.

22. What is fusing?

The term generally refers to partial melting. In bonding, fabric layers are joined together by fusion of an adhesive under heat and pressure.

23. What is the abbreviation of G/D?

G/D stands for grams per denier.

24. What is gauge?

In knitted fabrics, it is a measure of fineness or number of wales per unit of width across the fabric. Higher gauge numbers indicate finer texture.

25. What is grading?

When different sizes of patterns are made from the master pattern of the garment is called grading.

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