Advantage and Disadvantage of Semi-Automatic Spreading

Advantage and Disadvantage of Semi-Automatic Spreading Method:

Semi-automatic is one of the types of mechanical fabric spreading method. It plays an important role in the readymade garments sector. Semi-automatic spreading has some advantages and disadvantages which are mentioned in this article.

Semi-Automatic Spreading Method:

In the case of the semi-automatic fabric spread method, the spreading machine is run on the rails which are placed at two sides of the fabric spreading table surface and operated by a motor. Here, the fabric roll is set in a predetermined place of the spreading machine, and the machine is run from one side to the other side of the table by using mechanical and electrical motion to make lay.

Semi-automatic fabric spreading machine

Semi-automatic fabric spreading machine

Advantage of Semi-Automatic Spreading Method:

Various advantages of the semi-automatic fabric spread method have mentioned below:

  1. The maximum fabric width which can be handled is normally 2m although extra-wide machines are capable of handling up to 3m.
  2. Auto ply cutting device here.
  3. Auto plies counting arrangements.
  4. Auto catcher to hold the ends of the ply.
  5. Auto fabric tensioning device.
  6. Auto fabric leveling device,
  7. Photoelectric guide for selvage alignment.
  8. Fabric fault detector.
  9. A platform is provided on which the operator stands.
  10. The maximum weight of the fabric roll can be 80kg to 675kg.
  11. The maximum height of the spread is 25cm.
  12. Maximum spread speed 100m/min.
  13. It has also rolled turning arrangement.
  14. Autoloading and unloading device.
  15. It is very useful.

The disadvantage of the Semi-Automatic Spreading Method:

Different disadvantages of the semi-automatic fabric spread method have pointed out in the following:

  1. More time is required here.
  2. It has needed higher labor costs.
  3. It cannot be possible to make the desired fabric spread technique by using this method.
  4. There is no sensor in the spread head.
  5. Any kind of fabric cannot be spread here.

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